Slab-Shaped Ti:Sapphire Crystals

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Slab-Shaped Ti:Sapphire Crystals

Manufacturer Altechna


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Ti:Sapphire crystal is the most widely used for generating ultrashort femtosecond pulses and wavelength tunable lasers. It has remarkably high gain. Ti:Sapphire crystals can be effectively pumped by short pulse flashlamps in powerful laser systems. Also these crystals combine supreme physical and optical properties with broadest lasing range. Its indefinitely long stability and useful lifetime are an advantage.

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  • Broad lasing range 660-1050 nm band
  • Perfect for UltraShort pulse generation
  • High gain and high power lasing
  • High optical quality and bulk damage
  • Aperture: 6x6 mm
  • Length: 5,10,15,20 mm
  • End surfaces: Brewster cut or Right-angle cut