Thin-Film Plate Polarizer, 532nm, 45°

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Manufacturer Precision Photonics

Precision Photonics

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These thin-film plate polarizers utilize our advanced ion-beam-sputtered (IBS) coating technology to achieve high-power performance and guaranteed transmission at a specific angle of incidence, with no angle tuning required. High energy plate polarizers separate s and p polarizations with an extinction ratio (Tp/Ts) of greater than 750 to 1000:1 in the transmitted beam. Thus, they are ideal for intracavity or extracavity high-power applications where fluences are greater than 500 mJ/cm² and calcite or cemented cube polarizers cannot be used. 45 degree and/or Brewster-angle plate polarizers are available for wavelengths from 355 nm to 3000 nm.

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  • Wavelength: 532nm
  • Acceptance Angle: 45° ±1°
  • Damage Threshold: >4 J/cm², 20ns, 20Hz
  • Substrate Material: Fused Silica
  • p Transmission >97%
  • s Transmission <0.2%
  • RoHs Compliant