S-Waveplate Polarisation Radial Converter, 632 ±20nm

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Manufacturer Altechna


Description :

S-Waveplate Polarisation at 632nm converts linear polarization to radial or azimuthal.Primary applications for such radial Polarisers are in laser machining, microscopy and optical tweezers as well as Raman spectroscopy systems. Unique features of this converter are that it is made in the volume of monolytic fused silica (UVFS) window, therefore resistant against high power laser radiation; AR coatings might be applied; and a single element is used both for polarization conversion to radial/azimuthal and generation of optical vortices.

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  • Material: UVFS
  • Centre Wavelength: 632 ±20nm
  • Transmission: >40%
  • Clear aperture available : 2mm or 6mm
  • Large aperture on request up to 10mm or bigger
  • Diameter: 25.4mm
  • Thickness: 3mm
  • round Shape
  • Benefits

  • Radial polarization enables focusing of laser beam into smaller spot size (with high NA>0.9 optics)
  • Focused azymuth polarization remains ring shaped
  • For polarization direction sensitive applications radial/azimuth polarization allows same machining properties in all directions
  • It is also applicable in optical tweezers, STED microscopy or any other depletion application
  • No glued components - more resistant to heat