Littrow Prisms

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Manufacturer Altechna


Description :

Littrow prisms can also be used as retro-reflecting Brewster prisms. They are arranged to that a beam entering at the Brewster angle falls normal to the flat surface and is reflected back along the same path. They are useful in laser cavities where the wavelength of the return beam can be selected by tilting the prism slightly. In this way the gain of the cavity can be tuned to a specific laser line.

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  • Material: BK7
  • Dimension Tolerance: +0/-0,2 mm
  • Angle Tolerance: +/- 10 arcmin
  • Surface Quality: 40/20 scratch and dig
  • Flatness: <λ/4 @ 633 nm
  • Benefits

  • Uncoated prisms can be used to disperse the light into spectrum
  • Aluminium coated (B face) prisms diverts the beam at a 60deg angle without inverting or reverting the image