Beam Expander, Fixed Ratio, Nd:YAG, 1064nm

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Manufacturer Altechna


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Galilean beam expanders are assembled using one diverging and one converging lenses, so there is no focal point inside the beam expander, thus it can be used for high powers. We offer beam expanders made from two, three, or more spherical lens made from BK7, FS, UVFS or other glasses which suit high power applications.

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  • Standard expansion ratios from 2x to 12x
  • High laser damage threshold: >5J/cm², 10ns, @1064nm
  • Lens material: UVFS
  • Transmission better than 97%
  • Mounting thread M27x1 optional
  • Benefits

  • Beam expander for any wavelength between 266 - 2000 nm is available on request