Nd:KGW Non-linear Laser Crystal Rods

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Manufacturer Altechna


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Nd:KGW crystals are low lasing threshold, highly efficient laser crystals perfectly suitable for laser range-finding applications. The efficiency of Nd:KGW lasers is 3-5 times higher than the one of Nd:YAG lasers. Nd:KGW laser medium is one of the best choices ensuring effective laser generation at low pump energies (0.5 - 1 J).

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  • Anti reflection coating: 1064 and 808nm - 1067& 808nm - 1067nm
  • Low lasing threshold
  • High bulk laser damage threshold
  • High efficiency
  • High optical quality
  • Diameter up to 12 mm and length up to 120 mm available on request
  • Type: Laser Crystals
  • Material: Nd:KGW
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Material Nd:KGW