Lock-in amplifier

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Manufacturer Hinds


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A lock-in amplifi er (LIA) is commonly used with the photoelastic modulator (PEM) in highly sensitive measurements of polarization properties. Now, a research grade LIA is available that is customised to the needs of the typical PEM measurement and available in a high value package. This means that the highest sensitivity for measuring polarisation properties can be achieved by using a PEM with an affordable but research grade lock-in amplifier. Signaloc Model 2100 is a new, AC and DC dual-phase analog signal recovery instrument consisting of proprietary Hinds Instruments lock-in amplifier circuitry and control display software. Tailored for use with PEMs, each Signaloc is calibrated for use at a single user-defined frequency. The unit is designed to optimise the detection of signals at both the first and second harmonics (1F and 2F) of a PEM.

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