Off-Axis Acousto-Optic Frequency Shifter 6328nm, 10MHz

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Manufacturer Isomet


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OAM1059A-V31 is low center frequency acousto-optic device simultaneously provides dual diffracted output beams, each of which is shifted 10MHz from the input wavelength. With the input beam linearly polarized and at 45 deg., the +1 order is upshifted +10MHz, and the -1 order is downshifted -10MHz relative to the fundamental wavelength. The +1 order is horizontally polarized and the -1 order is vertically polarized. The interaction medium is TeO2 (paratellurite) which in slow shear mode exhibits very high efficiency with modest acoustic energy. This frequency shifter is well suited for laser heads used in laser interferometer position measurement systems with applications in integrated-circuit fabrication, inspection and repair, precision machine tools, mechanical parts inspection and measurement, and mechanical vibration analysis.

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  • Operating wavelength: 6328nm
  • Center frequency: 15 MHZ
  • RF Bandwidth: 2 MHz
  • Active aperture: 1.5mm
  • Crystal material: TeO2 off axis
  • +1 order separation from 0 order: 9.7 mrad
  • -1 order separation from 0 order: 9.88 mrad
  • +1 order polarization extinction ratio: 21 dB (nominal)
  • -1 order polarization extinction ratio: 18 dB (nominal)
  • Laser polarisation: Linear, 45°
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Acousto-optic type Frequency shifter  

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Standard AR Coatings Range VIS-NIR (442 to 1100nm)  
Crystal Material TeO2 (Shear)  
Active Aperture (mm) 1.5mm to 9mm  
Central RF Frequency(MHz) 10-20MHz  
Tuning BW (MHz) 1-5MHz