High resolution acousto-optic deflectors, 1064nm

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Manufacturer Isomet


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The LS110A-1064 is acousto-optic deflector optimised for 1.06µm with a centre frequency at 50MHz and 25MHz of RF bandwidth, the model LS110A-1064-HF offers higher RF bandwidth 40MHz and 70MHz center frequency. This deflector features TeO2 shear mode crystal with high scan speed and high resolution. LS110A-1064 AO Deflector is best fit for solid state scanning of visible and infrared lasers applications.

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  • Operating wavelength: 1064nm
  • Center frequency: 50 MHZ / 70 mHZ
  • RF Bandwidth: 25 MHz / 40MHz
  • Active aperture: 9mm diameter or 14x4mm
  • Crystal material: TeO2 (shear)
  • Resolution: 375 (ø9.3mm) or 550 spot (14x4mm) / 600 or 880 (for LS110(HF)-1064 model)
  • Scan angle: 2.5° or 3.95°
  • Separation angle: 4.9° or 6.91°
  • Laser polarisation: Linear.(Quarter wave plate included)
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Acousto-optic type Deflector  

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Standard AR Coatings Range NIR (1.06µm-1.3µm-1.55µm)  
Crystal Material TeO2 (Shear)  
Active Aperture (mm) 1mm to 14mm (rectangular shape)  
Central RF Frequency(MHz) 40-90MHz  
RF Bandwidth (MHz) 40-90MHz  
San Angle (mrad) 31-50mrad  
Resolution >200