WIMA DC-Link MKP4 Capacitor, 150µF 600 VDC

Wima DCP4H044706FD2JSSD WIMA DC-Link MKP4 Capacitor, 4.7µF 450 VDC

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Manufacturer Wima


Description :

WIMA DC-Link capacitors are especially designed for applications in high power converter technology where due to their unique properties are displacing electrolytic capacitors. Manufactured with a low loss polypropylene dielectric they show a higher current carrying capability as well as lower dissipation/self-heating at high frequencies compared to electrolytic capacitors. Further outstanding features are; Very high capacitance/volume ratio, High voltage rating per component, Very low dissipation factor (ESR), Very high insulation resistance, Excellent self-healing properties, Long life expectancy, Non-polar construction, Particularly reliable contact configuration, High shock and vibration resistance and Outstanding mechanical stability.

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Technical Data :

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  • Capacitances up to 150 µF
  • High volume/capacitance ratio
  • Excellent self-healing properties
  • Very low dissipation factor
  • High reliability
  • 2-pin and 4-pin contact configuration
  • (plate versions on request)
  • According to RoHS 2002/95/EC
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Type Metalized Polypropylene  

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Capacitance Units µF  
Capacitance Value 150  
Tolerance ± 5 %  
Voltage (V) 600 DC  
Case Size 45 x 65 x 57 RM52.5  
Mounting Through hole  
Pitch (mm) 52.5  
Minimum Operating Temp (°C) -55  
Maximum Operating Temp (°C) 105