Technical support

Throughout your design and development stages, our field-based engineers are available as an extension to your internal design teams to support you when necessary.

Support can start from the design phase, with initial advice on the best wireless technology to meet your specific requirements, and lasts as long as you need it, through to pre-production, final testing and post-production support. At every stage, you can benefit from our specific IoT expertise.
Technical support

Design phase support

  • Advice on the best wireless technology for your needs
  • Full technical support from initial start to refined tuning
  • Detailed responses to technical queries
  • Direct access to manufacturer's technical support team
  • PCB and schematic review to advise on optimum layout
  • Evaluation boards

Pre-production phase support

  • Access to our European Technical Competence Centre to solve complex design issues
  • Advice on regulatory compliance issues
  • Access to our UK-based EMC chamber for pre-compliance testing
  • Design support on impedance matching for optimum antenna performance

Production phase support

  • Continued technical support for unforeseen production issues