Zoom Lenses With 2 Motors, Auto-Iris VS

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Manufacturer Pentax


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55x Zoom lens with full HD resolution (1080 p) and PENTAX Atmospheric Interference Reduction (VGA), with 2 motors, with Auto-Iris, 2.5x extender, with preset, iris override, with D/A converter, with RS232, RS422, RS485 interface, for C- and CS- mount cameras. Focal length selector

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  • Iris range with 2.5x extender: F10 - 900
  • Focal length: 2.5x extender: 30.5mm - 1680.0mm
  • Reducing effects of airborne particles, like fog, rain (liquid) and sand, smoke, snow (solid)
  • Compatible with standard CCTV colour cameras and HD-SDI cameras
  • Reliable auto focus 'on mouse click'
  • Software for remote control included
  • Open platform by included command information and RS232C, RS422, RS485 interface