Lepton, infrared thermal camera core module, 50 degree HFOV, 80 x 60, slow video

Flir Lepton 500-0643-00

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Manufacturer FLIR


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The FLIR Lepton® is a radiometric-capable LWIR camera solution that is smaller than a dime, can fit inside a smartphone, and is ten times less expensive than a traditional IR camera. Using focal plane arrays of 80 × 60 active pixels, the Lepton easily integrates into native mobile-devices and other electronics as an IR sensor or thermal imager. The radiometric Lepton captures accurate, calibrated, non-contact temperature data in every pixel of each image for even greater utility in commercial applications. Non-radiometric versions are also available.



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  • Enhanced IR sensor – greater sensitivity than common thermopile arrays
  • Micro thermal imager – uncooled thermal imaging for small electronics
  • Ease of integration – simplifies development and manufacturing of thermal-enabled devices
  • Applications

  • Safety and security – see people lurking around in the dark at your home or business
  • Automotive – detect living beings in a car to prevent children or animals from being left in hot cars
  • Micro and Nano UAV / UGV platforms – makes even smaller UAV/UAG platforms possible
  • Home repair and energy efficiency – find hidden air leaks, missing insulation, and water damage
  • Building automation and presence detection – use as a sensor to operate doors or activate HVAC systems automatically
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Spectral range LWIR  

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Resolution (pixels) 80 x 60  
Lens type Fixed focus  
Interface SPI video and 12C  
Cooling No  
Radiometric Yes