Uni-stable and Bi-stable Shutters, Aperture up to 65mm

NS series

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NS series

Manufacturer Vincent Associates

Vincent Associates

Description :

The NS shutter series are an array of patented devices that are actuated by a non-contact actuator. Only two unique parts are required for operations of these devices, the blades and the associated drive ring. These devices are best needed in applications where speed and reliability are required. Current uses for the NS shutters have been within camera applications for slow motion control, global mapping and also used within video cameras.

The UNIBLITZ ® N-CAS® NS series are clear aperture (from 25mm to 65mm) bi-stable shutter requiring no power to hold the shutter in either the open or closed state. Power is only required to change the state of the device. The NS25B is 25mm clear aperture both Uni-stable and Bi-stable shutters systems.

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  • Aperture : 25mm, 35mm, 45mm, 65mm
  • Number of blade: 5 or 6 for NS65B model
  • Time to open: 3.0ms to 22.0ms
  • Exposure repetition rate : DC to 20Hz (depends on model)
  • Pulse voltage to open: +36.0 VDC
  • Outer dimension: 2.25", 3.18", 3.19", 5.15"
  • Benefits

  • Uni-stable operation. Can be configured normally closed, the NS25S, or normally open, the NS25S
  • Low voltage and low current operation
  • Innovative actuator system radically reduces moving parts to increase reliability.
  • Blade options: Reflective blades available; "Z" (AlSiO) and "ZM" (AlMgF2). To switch high energy light sources. Other coating options may be available upon request.
  • The NS series are designed for use with the UNIBLITZ® ED12DSS driver or VDM1000 or VDM1000B
  • RoHS Compliant.
Model Aperture Time to open NS Series (N-CAS® Patent Pending Design)
Uni/Bi-stable shutters
Recommended driver
(Bi-stable or Uni-stable)
25 mm 5.0 msec
  • Features patent pending Non-Contact Actuation System (N-CAS) to provide accurate and reliable shutter operation
  • Versatile design allows for shutters to be easily configured bi-stable, normally open or normally closed
  • Five bladed design minimizes outside diameter to fit where space is at a premium
  • Machined aluminum body allows for direct mounting to flat surfaces
UNIBLITZ® VDM1000 or the VDM1000B
NS35B 35 mm 12.0 msec
NS45B 45 mm 12.0 msec
NS65B 65 mm 22.0 msec