Uni-stable X-Rays Shutters

XRS series

Manufacturer's part number :

XRS series

Manufacturer Vincent Associates

Vincent Associates

Description :

The UNIBLITZ® XRS serie uni-stable shutter has been designed specifically for x-ray switching applications. The ability of the size to force ratio and reliability of this actuator to move high mass PtIr (Platinum Iridium) blade in and out of the aperture is what makes these devices available and useful for applications such as x-ray crystallography and other applications that require x-rays to be turned on and off in msec.

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  • Aperture : 6mm, 14mm, 25mm
  • Platinum Iridium (Pt-Ir) shutter blade, capable of X-ray extinction of 90% up to 30Kev
  • Number of blade: 1 or 2 for 25mm aperture model
  • Time to open: 4.4ms to 25.0ms
  • Exposure repetition rate : DC to 50Hz (depends on model)
  • Pulse voltage to open: +65.0 VDC
  • Benefits

  • Activated by an electronic pulse through UNIBLITZ┬« patented shutter drive systems
  • Non-resonant design allows instantaneous changes repetition rate and duty cycle
  • No optical surface when open provides 100% transmittance
  • Available in a normally-open configuration
  • Driver: special driver not required. Can be driven with existing VMM/VCM-series and specific OEM drive units D880C
Model Aperture Time to Open
    XRS Serie Uni-stable (X-RAY Shutter)
Recommended Driver
XRS6 15 mm 4.4 msec
  • Applications: X-Ray Switching
  • Capable of Blocking up to 30 keV Continuously
XRS14 25 mm 25.0 msec
XRS25 35 mm 16.0 msec