Uni-stable Shutters, Aperture up to 90mm

CS series Uni-stable Mechanical shutter

Manufacturer's part number :

CS series

Manufacturer Vincent Associates

Vincent Associates

Description :

The CS Shutter series is of special interest to applications where specific constraints require a smaller format than other Vincent Associates shutters such as the VS shutter series. This particular Vincent Associates shutter series includes the CS25, CS35, CS65, and the largest shutter with a 90mm aperture size, CS90HS.

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  • Aperture : 25mm, 35mm, 45mm, 65mm and 90mm
  • Number of blade: 5 or 6 for CS65 and CS90HS models
  • Time to open: 9.0ms to 70.0ms
  • Exposure repetition rate : DC to 30Hz (depends on model)
  • Pulse voltage to open: +65.0 VDC or +70.0 VDC
  • Outer dimension: 2.37" , 3.33", 4", 5", 7"
  • Benefits

  • Housing: available housed or un-housed for OEM applications
  • Normally open configuration available
  • Reflective blades available for high energy light sources
  • Low voltage/current operation
Model Aperture Time to Open Exposure repetition rate
    CS Series (Unique Patented Design)
Recommended Driver
CS25 25 mm 9.0 msec DC to 30 Hz
  • Applications: Video Imaging, Telescopy, Microscopy, and Holography
  • Long Lifetime
  • Small Size to Aperture Ratio
VMM/VCM drive units
CS35 35 mm 13.0 msec DC to 30 Hz
CS45 45 mm 14.0 msec DC to 15 Hz
CS65 65 mm 29.0 msec DC to 5 Hz
CS90HS 90 mm 70.0 msec DC to 3 Hz