Uni-Stable Shutters, Aperture 3mm

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LS3 3mm Uni-stable Shutters

Manufacturer Vincent Associates

Vincent Associates

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The UNIBLITZ® LS3 series shutters are designed for high speed operation and are well suited for laser use. The LS3 features a 3mm aperture and a typical rise time of 500µsec. Applications include fiber optic switching, low level chopping, pulse gating, selection, and modulation to 200Hz. In addition, they are well-suited to precision exposure control in the areas of holography and laser switching, where the precise, repeatable characteristics of the shutter are a requirement.

The LS3 shutter is offered in either housed or un-housed configurations. The un-housed shutter allows a high degree of flexibility when mounting the unit into applications where spatial limitations are a concern. The housed version offers the installation of the shutter device in a small black anodized aluminum housing. This allows for use of available mounting options and protection of the shutter device within the application's environment.

The LS3 incorporates our unique, constant force linear actuator and can be driven with our existing drive units. Recommended drivers are listed above. These include bench top and OEM types depending on your application.

Alternate blade coatings and finishes are available. To accommodate laser energy ratings up to 5W/mm2 with "Z" or "ZM" shutter blade coating options. Two standard reflective blade options are available,"Z"(AlSiO)and "ZM"(AlMgF2).

For information on typical laser damage thresholds see Optical Shutter Comparison Chart. For further information please see our application note Laser Application Reference Sheet.

The LS3 can also be configured with the R3 high temperature option for high ambient environments.

To further enhance the flexibility of the LS3, we offer the Electronic Synchronization System. Also available are customized mounts and numerous standard-mounting options for popular microscopes and video imaging applications.

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  • 3mm diameter clear aperture, dual bladed design.
  • Housed and un-housed versions available.
  • Typical open time: 500┬Ásec.
  • Exposure repetition rates from DC - 200Hz.
  • Laser energy ratings up to 5W/mm2 with "Z"(AlSiO)and "ZM"(AlMgF2) shutter blade coating options.
  • Driver: special driver not required. Can be driven with existing VMM Series and VCM-series and specific OEM drive units.
  • A number of microscopy, video and universal mounting options are available.
  • Can be ordered with the "R3" High Temperature option.
  • Electronic synchronization system option available.
  • Normally open configuration available.