Bi-stable Shutters, Aperture 10 to 25mm

DSS series

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DSS series

Manufacturer Vincent Associates

Vincent Associates

Description :

The DSS (Design Scalable Shutters) are a series of patented devices that have proven to have an extremely high level of reliability within any application. The DSS series includes the DSS10, DSS20, and the DSS25. All shutters in this series are bi-stable shutters that do not require power to hold the shutter in an open or closed stage. Each shutter can be equipped with reflective blades to provide the ability to switch high-intensity light sources.  This option protects the shutter blades by reflecting the energy away from the blade surface. Two standard reflective blade options are available, "Z" (AlSiO) and "ZM"(AlMgF2).

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  • Aperture : 10mm, 20mm, 25mm
  • Number of blade: 4 or 5
  • Time to open: 5.0ms to 12.6ms
  • Exposure repetition rate : DC to 20Hz (depends on model)
  • Pulse voltage to open: 12.0.0 VDC
  • Outer dimension: 1.05" , 2.0", 2.25"
  • Benefits

  • Bi-stable operation significantly reduces power, only requires power to switch the shutter's state
  • Low voltage and low current operation
  • Blade options: Reflective blades available; "Z" (AlSiO) and "ZM"(AlMgF2). Others may be available upon request.
  • The DSS series are designed for use with the ED12DSS driver
Model Aperture Time to Open Exposure repetition rate DSS Series Bi-stable shutters Recommended Driver
DSS10B 10 mm 5.0 msec DC to 20HZ
  • DSS-series shutters are particularly suited for Non-Uniformity Correction applications.
  • Circular envelope and concentric aperture allow for easy and fast integration into customer specific applications.
  • Simplicity of design allows for unprecedented ease of scaling from apertures as small as 10mm.
DSS20B 25 mm 12.5 msec DC to 15HZ
DSS25B 25 mm 12.6 msec DC to 10HZ