1.5-25mm Auto Iris Diaphragm with Iris Controller

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Manufacturer Vincent Associates

Vincent Associates

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The Uniblitz AI25 is a motorized/auto iris diaphragm that allows for the remote control of a variable 25mm aperture. This electronically-controlled aperture is ideal for remote light attenuation or depth-of-field control. The iris’s aperture closes down to 1.5mm, and the optional shutter attachment allows users to fully close the aperture.

The AIC10 Iris Controller features an intuitive button array and digital user interface, allowing it to operate the iris via a modified serial command protocol. When equipped, the AIC10 will also operate the shutter attachment independently from the iris.

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  • Operation Range: 1.5 - 25.0 mm
  • Closing speed: 0.55 seconds
  • Number of iris blade: 7
  • Resolution(mm/step): 0.44 ± 0.06
  • Low-profile form-factor
  • AIC10:

  • Intuitive digital user interface
  • RS232 or TTL level signal control