MWIR InSb Infrared Camera, 1280 x 1024 Resolution

IRCameras USA IRC812 IRC812 Series MWIR InSb Infrared Cameras

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Based on the most advanced infrared focalplane technology available today, the IRC800 series of high performance infrared cameras provide the superior performance of an InSb sensor with a choice of detector resolutions. Utilizing the latest in all-digital FPA technology, the IRC800 series offers unmatched sensitivity, ultra low noise, no blooming and no crosstalk.

The IRC800 is based on a pour filled LN2 cooled dewar assembly. Cold filters and cold apertures are easily changed, making the IRC800 the perfect instrument for prototyping system development or where application requirements may change.

With superior sensitivity and NEdT, greater than 99.5% operability, and extremely high uniformity, the IRC800 is the perfect choice for the most demanding MWIR imaging applications. The IRC800 series cameras operate at high frame rates, and support subwindowing and triggering for even faster throughput and synchronization with external events.

Super-framing allows the camera to switch among different integration times on a frame by frame basis to image rapidly changing scenes over a wide dynamic range. Full rate image data is available via Camera Link, and simultaneous Gigabit Ethernet is also available.

A bayonet mount optical interface is provided to allow the use of standard commercially available infrared optics. An optional embedded motorized cold filter wheel allows the user to rapidly change spectral filters. IRCameras offers several data acquisition and software packages to acquire, display and analyze data from the IRC800 series cameras. An SDK is also available for users who wish to create their own applications.

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Technical Data :

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  • All digital InSb focal plane array
  • Choice of 320x256, 640x512 or 1280x1024 format sensors
  • f/2.3 or f/4 coldshield standard
  • Custom dewar configurations available
  • LN2 cooled pour fill dewar assembly
  • 3.0µm - 5.0µm spectral response standard, CO2 and custom filters optional
  • Optional motorized cold filter wheel
  • NEdT <20mK (<30mK for 1280x1024)
  • High frame rate operation
  • User defined subwindows
  • External triggering and synchronization
  • 14 bit digital data (13 bit for higher frame rates)
  • Uncorrected or corrected data, bad pixel replacement
  • Twelve on board NUC tables
  • Super-framing dynamic range enhancement
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Resolution 1280 x 1024  

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Pixel Size (µm) 12  
Wavelength Spectrum < 1 to 5.3 μm  
Sensor Technology MWIR  
Frame Rate (fps) 119 Hz  
Supply Voltage (V) 24 (DC)  
Size (L x W x H mm) 93.98 x 205.74 x 299.72