CCD Camera for UV-VIS-NIR

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Syncerity series

Manufacturer Horiba Scientific

Horiba Scientific

Description :

Syncerity, a high performance, but low cost scientific camera, was designed with OEM customers in mind. It can be customized with various sensors, optimized for Raman or Fluorescence, speed or sensitivity, and for various levels of temperature of TE cooling. The deep cooled Open Electrode 1024x256 CCD Camera combines affordability, performance and versatility for both research and OEM applications.

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  • Research Grade Spectroscopy Camera for 200 nm – 1050 nm
  • Open-Electrode TE-Cooled CCD Detector for UV-VIS-NIRv
  • Camera & Spectrometer packages
  • Unmatched Readout Noise
  • Unparalleled Linearity & Dynamic Range
  • Deep Thermoelectric Cooling
  • Ultra Compact size
  • Ruggedized Connectors
  • Open Electrode CCD Technology
  • Flexible Input & Output Trigger Interface
  • LabView VIs and SDK available