A-Type PLL

Sangshin KSP-5A2317R9A A-Type PLL

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Manufacturer Sangshin


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Sangshin's KS-series is an ideal solution for any signal generation. With its excellent electrical and mechanical performance, it can be the best choice for signal source integrations. Miniature SMT package is pick and place friendly. Sangshin's KS-series is manufactured by the ISO 9001 certified facility, incorporating the surface mount assembly and the automated electronic measurement. This ensures the consistent electrical performance and the quality on mass production quantities.

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  • Miniature surface mount package RF/IF signal gererator
  • Low phase noise and wide bandwidth Sweep synthesizer
  • +5V operation Up down converter
  • Wide linear tuning range High speed switching time(PLL, DDS)
  • Low current consumption Low phase noise oscillator
  • RoHS Compliance
  • 19 x 19 x 6.5 mm
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Frequency (MHz) 2282.9 to 2352.9  

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VCC (VDC) 5  
Output Power (dBm) 3  ±  2  
Output 2nd Harmonic (dBc) -22  
Phase Noise -102