3 Slot Rugged Chassis for conduction cooled 3U VPX Payloads AC power ENP3-C

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Manufacturer Emerson

Artesyn Embedded Technologies

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VPX3000 is a convection cooled, fanless enclosure that accepts up to three 3U convection cooled VPX modules. It includes a configurable I/O Adapter Board (IAB) that is designed to mate with Artesyn Embedded Technologies' iVPX7225 processor blade, itself based on the Intel (R) 3rd generation Core mobile chipset. The IAB routes I/O from the payloads to the front of the enclosure and is designed to be customizable. VPX3000 includes a VITA-62 compliant power supply slot fitted with either an AC or DC power supply with a MIL-38999 connector power input connector and a front panel switch. Two Data Plane Fat Pipes from each slot are connected in a full mesh configuration. Two Control Plane Ultra Thin Pipes from each slot are routed to the IAB as 1000Base-T interfaces. USB 2.0 and a Display Port interface is also routed to the IAB in all variants. VPX3000 has been designed to minimise Size, Weight and Power (SWaP) and yet provide an intensely powerful system level solution including power, storage and processor elements. A rugged variant, targeted at Mil/Aero/Government applications includes three MIL-38999 connectors for I/O from each slot. An alternative variant includes commercial connectors on the IAB and is targeted towards industrial and development applications.

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  • 3 Slot VITA 65 compliant backplane with full mesh data plane
  • 1000BaseX control plane
  • Supports conduction cooled 3U VPX modules
  • Natural convection cooled enclosure with cold plate
  • Customizable Interface Adapter Board (IAB)
  • Built in SATA SSD
  • DC or AC power option
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Number of Slots 3  

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Form Factor 3U  
Ruggedised Option Y  
Extended Temp Option N