Remote Display LCD Unit

Elspec G4100 Remote Display LCD Unit

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Manufacturer Elspec


Description :

The Elspec G4100 Remote Display LCD Unit is an integral part of the Elspec Power Meter, allowing interconnectivity with the G4400 series Power Meters for configuring and power monitoring the electrical distribution system. The Elspec G4100 Remote Display Unit (RDU) connects and communicates with the G4400 Power Meter directly via RJ45 network cable or through IP communication from anywhere in the world. One RDU can be used to monitor and configure many G4400 series instruments. The Elspec G4100 enables configuring all aspects of the G4400 series Power meter and displays all monitored real time values. The G4100 (3) Remote Display LCD is used to both configure and monitor the G4400 series instruments achieving much the same effect as when using a web browser but with the added tactile feed back only a dedicated LCD display can offer. The G4100 can be used as a hand held monitoring and configuring tool connecting to each G4400 instrument in turn using an RJ45 network cable, or optionally plugging into a network connection and alternately inputting the IP addresses of the different instruments.

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Technical Data :

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  • Optional accessory
  • Powered over Ethernet (PoE) or 48VDC
  • Generic TCP/IP protocol
  • Single display for any number of G4k units
  • Multiple displays for a same G4k unit