BLACKBOX Fixed Power Quality Analyzer, 16 GB Storage Capacity

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Manufacturer Elspec


Description :

The revolutionary Elspec G4000 BLACKBOX is the next generation in power quality analyzers. The G4K provides accurate detection and isolation of power quality monitoring for effective preventive maintenance. No Triggers/No Thresholds meaning no missed events. The G4k records all network parameters for up to a year. In addtion to real-time monitoring with PQZIP, a patented data compression algorithm, the G4000 Power Quality Analyzer BLACKBOX stores onboard all the waveforms of every network cycle for up to a year at up to 1,024 samples per cycle resolution, eliminating the need for thresholds, triggers, or parameter setting for logging. The G4000 BLACKBOX Power Quality Analyzer calculates RMS, harmonics, and all desired values from waveforms in post-processing. The total number of parameters is practically unlimited. A unique time synchronization algorithm assures that logged data from multiple units is synchronized and displayed on the same time scale with typical 0.1 ms resolution.

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  • Continuous Waveform Recordings
  • Superior Accuracy
  • Threshold-Free Setup
  • SCADA Compatible
  • Standard Compliance Testing
  • Remote Monitoring Capabilities
  • Benefits

  • Absolutely Identify all power quality events
  • The ultimate tool for definitive root cause analysis
  • Up to one year, recording of all network parameters at up to 1,024/cycle resolution
  • No Triggers/No Thresholds meaning no missed events
  • Patent-pending PQZIP compression technology algorithm with typical 1000:1 compress ratio prevents data gaps by real-time compression performed independent of the sampling
  • Cycle-by-cycle RMS values, frequency and harmonics trends
  • Use of 3rd party communication routers
  • Modular design supports up to 9 modules
  • 2 parallel harmonics computations IEC 61000-4-30 Class A & cycle-by-cycle, up to the 511th harmony
  • Full scale readings 10x from nominal voltages and currents at high accuracy
  • Standard compliance testing to EN 50160, IEC 61000-4-15 and others
  • Built in WEB server for remote monitoring using standard web browser
  • 2 Integral OPC servers (DA and AE) for seamless integration with SCADA systems
  • 2 fast Ethernet ports (100 MBit) with Power Over Ethernet (PoE) device and source
  • USB and RS-485 ports
  • AC/DC power supply with up to 25 second ride through at power loss
  • Modbus over TCP/IP
  • DNP
  • Revenue Metering