BenchVue Software 2017

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Manufacturer Agilent Technologies

Keysight Technologies

Description :

PC software to configure a wide range of instrument controls and measurements. Quickly create automated test sequences with minimal instrument knowledge. Intuitively control instruments, automate tests and perform in-depth analysis.

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    • Keysight’s most popular BenchVue bundle includes all available instrument control and automation apps for a simplified workflow across multiple instrument families
    • Dedicated apps for twelve Keysight instrument families, supporting several hundred instruments (and the list continues to grow)
    • Easily log and export data and images in a few clicks for faster analysis
    • Quickly create automated test sequences with minimal instrument knowledge

    This bundle includes

    • BenchVue Control and Automation Apps: Digital Multimeter, Electronic Load, FieldFox, Function Generator, Network Analyser, Oscilloscope, Power Meter, Power Supply, Signal Generator, Spectrum Analyser, Universal Counter and Test Flow
    • BenchVue Control and Analysis Apps: Data Acquisition and Power Meter
    • Waveform creation: BenchLink Waveform Builder Pro
      • Complete Control Collection (BV9001B)
      • Digital Multimeter (BV0001B)
      • Function Generator (BV0002B)
      • Power Supply (BV0003B)
      • Oscilloscope (BV0004B)
      • Data Acquisition (BV0006B)
      • Power Meter (BV0007B)
      • FieldFox Analyser (BV0010B)
      • Universal Counter (BV0011B)
      • Electronic Load (BV0012B)
      • Spectrum Analyser (Available in BV9001B)
      • Network Analyser (Available in BV9001B)
      • Signal Generator (Available in BV9001B)
      • Power Analyser (N/A) 1
      • Education Control Collection (BV9101B)
      • Solar Array Simulation (DG8901A) 1

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