Multiport coaxial switch, Single pole, 5 throw, DC-50GHz

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Manufacturer Agilent Technologies

Keysight Technologies

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Keysight now offers a family of higher frequency switches for your communcations and aerospace applications. Combining low SWR with long life and excellent repeatability, these switches safeguard your test platform from failures, recalibration, downtime, and lost production. The Keysight 8768M is a single-pole, five-throw electromechanical switch.

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  • DC to 50 GHz
  • Single-pole, five-throw
  • 2.4 mm (f), 2.4 mm (f) standard (Option 101)
  • 2.4 mm (f), 2.4 mm (m) (Option 100)
  • 5, 15, or 24 volt solenoids supply voltage (Option 011, 015, 024 respectively)
  • Commercial calibration certificate with test data also available (Option UK6)
  • Excellent repeatability: less than 0.03 dB typical
  • Low insertion loss: less than 3.0 dB at 50 GHz
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