Infiniimax Fine Wire Probing Tip

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Manufacturer Agilent Technologies

Keysight Technologies

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The N2884A InfiniiMax differential fine-wire probing tip is a high fidelity, high bandwidth solution for probing an active IC. It is targeted at R&D and test engineers using an oscilloscope for debugging and testing ICs. The N2884A provides an innovative differential probing approach that is unmatched by any competitors in the market.

Leveraging Keysight’s low-cost ZIF probe head technology, the N2884A is designed to offer you a flat frequency response over the entire 12 GHz bandwidth specification, which eliminates the distortion and loading that affect probes with in-band resonance. Unlike other market solutions which measure a voltage versus some ground far away from the probe point, the N2884A measures a voltage versus an adjacent local ground (or other node) on the DUT. This results in greater rejection of common mode noise and superior signal integrity in measurement.

The N2884A comes with a probe arm and a set of 5 probe tips. The probe arm is compatible with the Wentworth Laboratories micropositioner as shown in the picture.

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  • Bandwidth : 12 GHz (with 1169A InfiniiMax amplifier and N5425A ZIF probe head)
  • Rise time : 33 psec (probe only)
  • Input capacitance : 350 fF (differential), 520 fF (single-ended)
  • Tungsten probing wire shaft diametre: 22 microns
  • Point radius : <0.1 micron
  • 100 mil long tungsten wires
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