MIL-DTL-26482 Metals Circular Connectors

Manufacturer's part number :

851 Series

MIL SPEC number :


Manufacturer Souriau


Description :

The 851 serie connectors feature a positive bayonet coupling mechanism which ensures reliable mechanical and electrical connection between mating halves. The plug features a helical locking ring which couples with the three dowel pegs on the receptacle ensuring rapid locking. Orientation and location is achieved with a system of five raised keys on the plugs which couple with corresponding slots on the receptacles. Connectors with different angular positioning of the insulator relative to the shell can be provided to prevent undesired accidental mating of adjacent connectors with the same contact arrangements.

SOURIAU 851 circular connectors were originally developed to ensure reliable electrical connections in aircraft. Due to the lightweight compact size and general characteristics, the 851-series has been utilized in numerous civil and military aviation applications and also in a multitude of light and heavy industrial applications such as Robotics, Geophysics, Off-Road, Instrumentation, Factory Automation, etc.... The 851 connectors conform to the following international standards: MIL-DTL-26482H series 1, NFC 93422, HE 301B, VG 95328, GAM/T1 list.

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  • Conforms to the following international standards, MIL-DTL-26482G series 1, NFC 93422, HE 301B, VG 95328, GAM/T1 list
  • Shells made of aluminum, several finishes available
  • Elastomeric soft neoprene insulators
  • Crimp contacts, solder cup contacts and PC tail contacts available (#20_7.5 Amps; #16_13 Amps)
  • Sealing options
  • Black Zinc Nickel, Nickel plated and Black anodized
  • Solder and PC tail versions
  • Thermocouple crimp contacts available
  • The 851 versions with solder contacts and Zinc Nickel plating (RoHS compliant) is on US QPL
  • Benefits

  • Civil and military aviation, ground army and also in the fields of professional and general electronics. (Robotics, Geophysics, Off road, Instrumentation, Factory automation, Machine tools, Medical,...)
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Coupling Method Bayonet  

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Series 851  
Housing Material Metal  
Insert Arrangement 2-61