HPC Series Cable Mount Plug Connectors, w/.250 Faston Terminals

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Manufacturer Switchcraft Inc

Switchcraft Inc

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Switchcraft recently introduced a complete line of panel mount speaker connectors that are completely compatible with the Neutrik® Speakon® 4 pole series. We are now introducing a complete line of cable mounts as well. The complete HPC Series offers both panel mount and cord mount connectors.

The HPC panel mounts have been updated with new silver-plated contact materials that boost the contact ratings to 30A per UL 1977 on PC mount versions, 50A per UL 1977 on Faston® versions. They are still available with either 0.100' depth flanges or 0.200' depth flanges. The 0.200' depth flange allows for rear mounting of the HPC Series, and proper mating of all cord plugs. The panel mount versions are available with either 0.187' or 0.250' Faston® terminals, and either straight or right angle PC mount terminals. The right angle PC mount version also has, as an option, a mounting post which allows the connector to snap onto the PC board for wave soldering.

The HPC cord plugs are available in either straight, right angle, or as an in-line. The in-line version mates with either the straight or right angle cord plug, allowing the end user to extend cable runs. All cord plugs are compatible with Speakon® panel mounts. The in-line mates with our HPC cord plugs, as well as Speakon® cord plugs. The unique feature of the HPC series cord plugs are the 'push to lock' feature, similar to the connection of an XLR connector. The HPC cord plugs, when mated to either HPC panel mounts or Speakon® panel mounts do not require a 1/4' turn to engage. Simply push the connector in until it locks. To disengage, push forward on the latch lever and pull the connector out. This feature eliminates the need to remember to turn the connector to make contact. All HPC cord plugs utilize 0.250' Faston® terminals, which allow for easy assembly, and make it easy to change cord plugs. To change from a straight cord plug to an in-line cord plug, back off the strain relief nut, twist off the handle, disconnect the Faston® terminals, fasten the new cord connector, twist on the handle and the strain relief. Barbs on the handle keep the handle from vibrating loose from the front shell.

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  • Completely compatible with Neutrik® Speakon® 4 pole connectors
  • 30A rating per UL 1977 on PC mount versions
  • 50A rating per UL 1977 on Faston® versions
  • Panel mounts have two different Faston® terminal sizes, 0.187 inch and 0.250 inch
  • Panel mounts offered with two different flange depths, 0.100 inch and 0.200 inch
  • 0.200 inch depth flange offers easy rear mounting
  • Right angle or straight PC board terminals on panel mounts
  • Built in gasket gives all HPC connectors IP 25 environmental ratings
  • All HPC Series meet IEC 529 and IEC 1010-1 safety ratings
  • Cord plug versions offer 'push to lock' design, no 1/4 inch turn to engage
  • Cord plug versions accept 10 AWG wire, 0.560 inch cable OD max
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Coupling Method Push-Pull  

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Range HPC  
Housing Material Thermoplastic  
Shell Gender Plug  
Shell Style Cable Mount  
Number of Contacts 4  
Orientation Straight  
Max Current Rating (A) 30