Mil DTL 26482 Overmould Cable Assemblies

Manufacturer's part number :

851 Series: Mil DTL 26482 Overmould

Manufacturer Souriau


Description :

SOURIAU has provided connectors for various applications in the most extreme environments for more than 90 years. Conscious of the difficulties in finding a quick and a reliable harness manufacturer, we took the decision to develop in house cable assembly production capabilities to help our customers shorten their supply chain, and to take advantage of the «best in class» quality of the SOURIAU group. Cable assembly production is a process that can further enhance the properties of our connector products, especially over many years of use. Overmoulding provides the opportunity to change the cable exit from straight through 90 degrees and avoid any stress on the cable terminated to the connector; in addition to this, as the wires are encapsulated inside the moulding, a barrier is created which prevents from any liquid from entering the equipment through the connector if the cable jacket is breached.

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  • Connector
  • Shielded metal connector
  • Sealing: IP68
  • 4 standard layouts:4pos, 6pos, 10pos, 19pos
  • Other layouts on request,
  • Rapid 1/3 turn connection
  • Conforms to the internationalstandard MIL-DTL-26482G series 1
  • Cable
  • TPE (Black)
  • 16 AWG conductors
  • Multi-conductor 10, 12 or 14
  • 300V
  • Shielded
  • Flammability rating UL 1581 Sec.1080 (VW-1)
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IP Rating IP68