Illuminated capacitive touch solutions for the most challenging environments

Illuminated switches

As more industries adopt the benefits of touch-screen technology both for customers and employees, engineers are looking for adaptable and cost-effective solutions that allow touch screens to operate effectively and reliably in a range of environments. At Acal BFi we work with Stadium IGT, a specialist manufacturer in this field, to offer design and development expertise.

The benefits of illuminated switches

For touch screens to be most effective, the design must be intuitive, allowing the user to navigate and use the pad easily. Illuminated switches have a number of benefits for both designer and user.

  • Activation – illumination allows switches to change colour when they have been touched, showing users that the switch is activated.
  • Speed – well-designed illumination allows users to complete tasks faster, making your system more efficient and giving users a better experience.
  • Customisation – illumination allows designers to add custom layouts to their switches, making them easier to use, particularly in challenging environments.

In addition, illuminated capacitive switches can be sealed, allowing vandal, weather and shock protection – all essential features for many touch-screen applications.

Industrial applications for illuminated capacitive switches

Suitable for full IP protection and built into robust enclosures, illuminated capacitive switches are ideal for a range of industrial applications, including fire and security, marine electronics, rail, telecommunications, aviation and instrumentation. The ability to accurately control, interrogate or test systems using capacitive touch technology gives users and businesses greater flexibility. Illumination was previously too difficult to achieve for this market, but new innovation means that it is now available across the board from Acal BFi.

Support from design to production

As always, Acal BFi offer more than a comprehensive range of devices. Our expert team are available to give you engineering support throughout your project, including supplying sample and development kits, offering bespoke design and integration with existing assemblies and full stock-control capabilities. Our job is to give you access to the best-quality products and services from start to finish.

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