High-performance wireless charging coils from Laird

High-performance wireless charging coils from Laird Wireless charging can be used in multiple applications, including designs which need to be completely sealed for operational purposes or premium products where wireless charging brings ultimate convenience. Many industries are already employing wireless charging capabilities.

Today, you can find charge pads built into car interiors, installed in hotel lobbies and included with the latest mobile and wearable devices. Medical applications also utilise the technology, building wireless charging into storage containers for devices, ensuring they are always charged and ready for instant use.

Transmitter modules with 3D-shaped ferrite discs can significantly improve the charging performance of wireless charging, with their design concentrating the magnetic flux. In effect, transmitted energy is directed towards the receiver, rather than being broadcast openly. The design increases charging efficiency, reducing the charge time and improving its reliability.

White paper - Using powder materials to replace air-gaps for fringing flux reduction

This paper explores an alternative solution to large or multiple air-gaps in power-inductors – lower permeability powder materials.

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White paper – Are smart beacons the next step in the third industrial revolution?

Technology continues to expand at a phenomenal rate, directly impacting the way we go about our day-to-day lives. In our latest white paper we look at how smart beacons and Bluetooth Low Energy technology will drive further change, adding yet more convenience to our everyday lives.

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Flexible, configurable, programmable – the Sierra Wireless FX30 is the IoT gateway of the future

Acal BFi are pleased to announce the addition of the ultra-flexible Sierra Wireless FX30 programmable IoT gateway to their comprehensive IoT and Wireless communications portfolio.

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