Acal BFi and Tronics Microsystems sign exclusive pan-European distribution agreement

Acal BFi and Tronics Microsystems sign exclusive pan-European distribution agreementAcal BFi have signed a new pan-European distribution agreement with Tronics Microsystems, a designer and manufacturer of innovative nano and microsystems. Under this new partnership, Acal BFi will be exclusively distributing Tronics Microsystems GYPRO® high performance MEMS inertial sensors to the European markets.

Leading manufacturer of high-performance MEMS gyroscopes

Tronics Microsystems is the only independent European supplier of high performance inertial products. With over 15 years of technology expertise, Tronics Microsystems GYPRO® standard product line responds to the increasing demand of system manufacturers for highly stable and high-performance inertial sensors. Combining all key benefits on a single chip, Tronics Microsystems standard MEMS inertial sensors are tailored for markets with high added value such as avionics, security, oil and gas and marine.

Exceptionally accurate position measurements

The GYPRO2300 and GYPRO3300 series comprise a range of high performance MEMS gyro sensors that offer best-in-class bias stability (Allan variance) of 0.8°/h and the lowest angular random walk (0.1°/ √hour) of any comparable gyroscope in the marketplace. Within a temperature range of -40°C to +85°C, its bias over temperature runs at 20° per hour. As a result, this exciting GYPRO range is ideal for demanding and high performance applications.

High performance and miniature size

High performance and miniature size

With only 19.6 x 11.5 mm2 in size and a light weight of 3 grams, the GYPRO 2300 and 3300 series boasts an incredibly small footprint that requires low power (25mA under 5V), while ensuring continuous high performance. The GYPRO® range offers customers the best performance to price ratio product in the market place.

Common applications

The GYPRO 2300 and 3300 series are suitable for a variety of industries and applications including:

  • Avionics and UAVs – AHRS and standby instruments, flight control sensors, autopilots and navigation aiding
  • Marine – ship stabilisation and manoeuvre aiding
  • Oil and Gas – seismic oil inspection, borehole surveying and pipeline inspection
  • Security – optical systems stabilisation and guidance applications

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