Accelerometer and Gyroscope, Small and Low-power Inertial measurement

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Manufacturer Bosch Sensortec

Bosch Sensortec

Description :

The BMI160 is a small, low-power, low-noise 16 bit Inertial Measurement Unit designed for use in mobile applications such as augmented reality or indoor navigation which require highly accurate, real-time sensor data. In full operation mode, with both the accelerometer and gyroscope enabled, the current consumption is typically 925 µA, enabling always-on applications in battery driven devices. It is available in a compact 14-pin 2.5 × 3.0 × 0.8 mm3 LGA package.

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Technical Data :

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  • Configurable on-chip interrupt engine which provides context awareness as always-on background functions.
  • The integrated 1024 byte FIFO buffer supports lowpower applications and prevents data loss in non-realtime systems.
  • Provides high precision sensor data together with a 39 µs resolution time stamp generated by a real-time clock.
  • Due to the built-in hardware synchronization of the inertial sensor data and its ability to synchronize data from external devices such as geomagnetic sensors, the BMI160 is ideally suited for augmented reality, immersive gaming and navigation applications which require highly accurate, low power and low latency 9-axis sensor data fusion.
  • Benefits

  • Augmented reality and immersive gaming
  • 3D-scanning and indoor mapping
  • Indoor navigation, pedestrian dead-reckoning, step-counting
  • 6- and 9-axis sensor fusion, air mouse applications
  • Optical image stabilization
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Angular Rate Range (Digital) (°/s) ± 125, ± 250, ± 500, ± 1000, ± 2000  

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Angular Rate Scale Factor Error (Digital) ± 2  
Bandwidth (Hz) 1600  
Supply Voltage (V) 3.6  
Operating Temperature Range (°C) -40 to 85