Five 16-bit counters - RS422

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Manufacturer Acromag


Description :

Several models with a variety of configurations provide up to ten counter/timer channels for counting events, generating waveform control signals, measuring pulsewidths or periodic rates, and monitoring operations.

Support for internal or external triggering simplifies the synchronization of operations to specific events. Counter functions can use internally generated clocks or an externally supplied clock.

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Technical Data :

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  • 8 or 32MHz clock time base
  • Single counter/timer modes:
  • Event counting
  • Frequency measurement
  • Period/pulse-width measurement
  • Quadrature position measurement
  • Square wave/pulse train generation
  • Time/period interrupter
  • Pulse width generation
  • Benefits

  • Most configuration is handled by a single register which minimizes programming.
  • Pullups are socketed for easy adjustment.
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