WiFi Light Meter, Flicker, Illuminance and Light Colour Measurements

Manufacturer's part number :

BTS256-EF WiFi

Manufacturer Gigahertz Optik

Gigahertz Optik

Description :

BTS256-EF WiFi is a portable light meter for the illuminance, light color and flicker measurement of LEDs and other light fixtures. Pportable light meter with Bi-Technology sensor for acurate measurement of the photopic and scotopic Ep and Es illuminance in lx (luxmeter), determination of the Es/Ep ratio and the EVE coefficient, flicker, the spectral irradiance, color temperature, R1 to R15 color rendering index, xy and u'v' color points and XYZ color data. Data storage with logger function. Mobile lightmeter with USB and WiFi interface. User software.

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  • Input optic: Diffuser window with 20mm diameter, cosine corrected field of view, F2 Error ≤3%
  • Silicon photodiode with photometric correction filter f1≤6% (f1 A(z) Correction ≤3%). Transimpedance amplifier with adjustable integration time (from 100µs to 6s). Seven(7) measurement ranges with offset correction. 16 Bit ADC.
  • Maximum measurable illuminance: ≥199,999 lx
  • Calibration uncertainty of photopic Illuminance +/-2.2%
  • Interface: USB
  • USB2; Mini USB Port
  • WiFi 2.4GHz, external unscrew able antenna, Transmission range > 100m within visual contact
  • 100m within visual contact
  • Operating temperature range: 10°C to 30°C
  • Benefits

    Photometric and Colorimetric Measurement Capabilities:
  • Ep photopic illuminance
  • Es scotopic illuminance
  • Es/Ep ratio of night and daylight vision
  • EVE “Equivalent Visual Efficiency” factor
  • Ee irradiance
  • Eλ spectral irradiance
  • x, y CIE 1931 color coordinates
  • u‘, v‘ CIE 1976 color coordinates
  • CT color temperature
  • Δuv Deviation from the blackbody locus
  • λdom dominant wavelength
  • λp peak intensity wavelength
  • λ0,5 spectral half-width
  • Purity color purity
  • CRI Ra and R1 to R15 Color Rendering Index