LED Light Meter, Integrating Sphere, 21cm Diameter

Manufacturer's part number :

BTS256-LED + ISD-21-V01

Manufacturer Gigahertz Optik

Gigahertz Optik

Description :

The BTS256-LED is high-quality light meter for measurement of the luminous flux, luminous spectrum and luminous color of LEDs in the visible spectral range. The optional IDS-21 integrating sphere expand the application range by making it possible to measure the luminous flux of spot sources with diameters of up to 63.5mm.

The integrating sphere with conical shaped entrance port of the LED Tester enables explicit capture of all the irradiated light from the LEDs independent of their emission characteristics. The cone adapter is placed over the LED for measurement of assembled LEDs. The auxiliary lamp of the BTS256-LED Tester helps compensate for any measurement errors that might result from light absorption on the test LED.

Technical Data :

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  • Luminous flux calibration +/-8%
  • Light sensor: Bi-Technology sensor with a broadband detector and a 256 Pixel CMOS diode array. Integrated aperture for automatic dark signal adjustment.
  • Input optics - ISD-21 integrating sphere: Integrating sphere with barium sulfate coating. Measurement port with 63.5mm diameter. Port reducer with 21.5mm diameter and knife-edges. 12V/20W Halogen auxiliary lamp. Table stand.
  • Input optics for the luminous flux: Integrating sphere with synthetic ODM98 coating and protective window at the sphere port.
  • Operating temperature range: 10°C to 30°C
  • Benefits

    Photometric,Colorimetric and Radiometric measurement Capabilities:
  • Øp luminous flux in lm
  • Øe radiant power in W
  • Øλ spectral radiant power
  • x, y CIE 1931 color coordinates
  • u‘, v‘ CIE 1976 color coordinates
  • CT color temperature
  • Δuv deviation from the blackbody locus
  • λdom dominant wavelength
  • λp peak intensity wavelength
  • λ0,5 spectral half-width
  • Purity color purity
  • CRI Ra and R1 to R15 Color Rendering Index