Precision Integrating Sphere, 30/60mm, for Side Emitting Fibre

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Manufacturer Gigahertz Optik

Gigahertz Optik

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The UPK-30 S60-L precision integrating sphere in 30/60mm stretch version and synthetic coating. UPK series integrating spheres guarantee precise sphere shapes and port geometries since the housing and coating insets are CNC machined. The UPK-30/60-L is accurately designed for applications with up to 50mm long side emitting fibers. Detectors or light guides with 11 type mount can be attached onto the detector port. Options: up to 3 extra detector ports, detectors, SMA fiber port. Integrating sphere models UPK-30S60-L feature a unique stretched design specially made for the measurement of side emitting fibers up to 40mm long.

The model UPK-30S60-TT is equipped with a test tube guide that prevents the side emitting light guide from contacting the internal integrating sphere coating. The test tube can be removed for cleaning.

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  • Sphere Coating: ODM98
  • Spectral range: 250nm to 2500nm
  • Sphere Diameter: 30mm x 60mm length
  • Measurement Port: Diameter Stainless steel adapter with 2mm hole
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Measurement Type Transmission/Reflection  

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Input Port Diameter (mm) 2 to 5  
Sphere Diameter (mm) 30  
Number of Port 1