Integrating Sphere, Multi-functional, for Reflection, Transmission and Luminous Flux

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Manufacturer Gigahertz Optik

Gigahertz Optik

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The UPB-150-ART precision integrating sphere for reflection and transmission. With a 150mm diameter and five 30mm application ports, the UPB-150-ART enables different measurement geometries for its use in reflection and transmission measurement set ups. One unique feature of this universal integrating sphere with barium sulfate coating are the thin knife-edged application ports. The ports can be closed using port plug. Options: detector ports with integrated baffles, port reducers, sample holders, light traps, detectors, SMA connetors.

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  • Sphere diameter: 150mm
  • Sphere coating: ODP97 (Barium Sulfate)
  • Diameter of the measurement ports: 30mm
  • Knife edge thickness: 0.5mm
  • Number of measurement ports: 5
  • Angle tolerance of port setup: +/- 0.1°
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Measurement Type Transmission/Reflection  

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Input Port Diameter (mm) 25 to 40  
Sphere Diameter (mm) 150  
Number of Port 5