Integrating Sphere, Luminous Flux, 500mm Sphere Size

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Manufacturer Gigahertz Optik

Gigahertz Optik

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The ISD-50HF-VL integrating sphere measurement head for luminous flux of 4π sources in lumen (lm). One hemispherical shell opening for test lamp operations inside the integrating sphere. Height adjustable test holder. ISD-50HF-VL integrating sphere with barium sulfate coating with 500 mm internal diameter, and include an auxiliary lamp. Detector with photometric-matched spectral responsivity corresponding to the DIN 5032 quality class B. Calibration certificate conforming to the ISO 17025 specifications is provide.

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  • Sphere Size: 500mm
  • Coating: ODP97
  • Spectral Function: V(λ), f1 ≤ 5%
  • Typical Responsivity: 2nA/lm
  • Max Flux in Im Peak/CW: 50000
  • Imax: 1mA
  • Operating Temperature: 5-40°C
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  • Integrating sphere measurement head for luminous flux from 4π spot sources in lumen (lm)
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Measurement Type Luminous Flux  

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Input Port Diameter (mm) 125 to 155  
Sphere Diameter (mm) 500  
Number of Port 1