Virident HGST FlashMAX II™

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Description :

Virident HGST incorporates specialized software and hardware that combine to implement a Flash Platform on the Server's PCIe bus, as close to the application as possible. Virident's architecture has been designed to tightly integrate different kinds of flash media, hardware and software to deliver memory-class performance with storage-class capacity and persistence. Virident HGST's FlashMAX II devices and associated software provide performance without compromise, with the highest capacity in a low profile, universal form factor.

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  • Uncompromised performance across a wide variety of workloads and over the lifetime of the product
  • Over 2X performance/price as compared to other flash based solutions
  • Sustained, predictable random IOPS - Best in the Industry
  • Over 1m IOPs from a single low profile device
  • Flash-aware RAID
  • Highest capacity and performance density in the industry for PCIe attached flash storage product
  • Dynamic, global wear-leveling
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Type MLC  

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Capacity 2200GB  
Interface PCIe  
Ruggedised Option No  
Extended Temp Option No