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Our distribution hubs in the UK and Germany enable us to satisfy all your logistic needs. Expertise in stock management and profiling allows us to offer flexible solutions including custom barcoding and dedicated inventory. See how we can support your inventory and distribution needs.


We have a clear objective to continue exceeding service expectation levels, ensuring a seamless supply chain whilst offering adaptable specific solutions to our partners.

Teams in the UK and Germany

Managed via our own employed experts within logistics, Acal BFi operate two central distribution facilities located in Germany and the UK which are supported by bespoke services in both Europe and Hong Kong. Providing solutions throughout Europe and with more that 80% of transactions being centrally managed, the locations have efficient access to airports, motorways and key integrator/freight forwarders, which are vitally important to ensure we provide the very best service support to our customers.

With both distribution centres approved to ISO9001:2015, our German facility offer a total storage area of 2,500m2 with the UK centre being 2,400m2. Importantly, and for continuity purposes, both have 25% additional capacity, ensuring logistical flexibility to both customers and suppliers.

Operating bin location systems which are fully integrated with our divisional ERP platform, the distribution centres manage approximately 30,000 individual lots which support a wide range of stocked items and include containers, full and partial pallets, boxes, reels, tubes, components etc. Over 200,000 transactions are processed each year with first-class accuracy levels.

Efficient shipments

Direct shipments to defined customer locations by offering:

  • same-day dispatch
  • express next-working-day deliveries
  • timed service shipments
  • same-day shipments
  • consolidated shipments, and
  • integrated track-and-trace services.

Customised solutions

Ensuring logistics efficiencies by offering:

  • bespoke barcode labelling
  • custom-specific paperwork and packaging
  • consignment stock and kitting
  • customer dedicated inventory
  • Kan-Ban and JIT services, and
  • performance reporting.

Specialist services

Within our central distribution centres we operate:

  • secured storage areas with CCTV monitoring
  • temperature-controlled areas, and
  • defined ESD areas, MLS controls and vacuum packing facilities.

Acal BFi have a clear objective to continue exceeding service expectation levels, ensuring a seamless supply chain whilst offering adaptable specific solutions to our partners.


Our centralised inventory management systems provide bespoke customised solutions, ensuring our stock profiles specifically support customer demands, design and project activity along with defined niche products create additional value to our business partners. There are many benefits to these.

Teams in the UK and Germany

Managed via our inventory management experts, Acal BFi operate two central teams located in Germany and the UK which are supported by strategic bespoke services in defined countries. With more than 80% of our inventory being centrally controlled and working with worldwide business partners, we provide bespoke customised inventory solutions that specifically support customer demand throughout Europe as well as creating additional benefits to our suppliers.

By operating fully integrated systems within our divisional ERP platform and supported by first-class strategic management tools, our inventory teams proactively monitor individual customer demand, sales activities, predefined stock levels, and long-term supply commitments, as well as defined strategic profiles ensuring a controlled flow of inbound material and a seamless supply chain.

With a clear understanding of the importance of managing working capital, Acal BFi create strong partnerships with customers and suppliers by profiling strategic product ranges and also managing dedicated and protected inventory, auto-replenishment systems, customer forecasts, blanket orders, scheduled orders and consigned inventory all designed to support our partners by maximising service and minimising liabilities.

With dedicated asset-management teams solely focused on inventory management, Acal BFi are able to add additional value throughout the supply-chain process.

Customised services

Reduction in inventory and working capital by:

  • managing dedicated customer inventory
  • enhanced flexibility along with agile responses to changes in demand, and
  • the linking of sales and purchase transactions ensuring the overall supply chain and protecting custom defined forward commitments.

Bespoke solutions

Strategic inventory profiling including:

  • safety and buffer stock
  • automated replenishment ensuring improved cycle times
  • customised solutions
  • ability to provide samples for prototype and pre-production builds, and
  • customised reporting.

Proactive controls

Continuous proactive inventory management ensuring:

  • immediate customer response, and
  • protection of long-term commitments and secured supply.

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