Introducing the low cost, LoRaWAN FCC, CE certified, ultra-compact LoRa module from USI

USI WM-SG-SM-42 LoRa moduleThe USI WM-SG-SM-42 LoRa module is a low cost, low power, wide area network (LPWAN), compact wireless module that supports the LoRaWAN long range wireless protocol. The module includes the LoRaWAN embedded firmware stack and can be controlled via the UART with simple AT-commands.

A Semtech SX1272 ultra long range wireless transceiver and STMicro STM32L0 series ARM Cortex M0+ 32 bit microcontroller (MCU) are contained in the compact, stand-alone, metal shielded package, measuring just 12 x 13 x 2 mm.

This LoRa transceiver module is ideally suited to smart metering, wearable devices, tracking, M2M and Internet of Things (IoT) applications. USI introduced the wireless module in 2017, having joined the LoRa Alliance in November 2016.

The WM-SG-SM-42 LoRa wireless module provides a variety of interfaces, including low power UART and SPI and I2C, for peripheral devices. This includes three ADC channels and up to 20 General Purpose I/Os for connecting sensors and actuators to the module. These can also be controlled via the built-in AT command set. The module can be powered by a battery or from any 2.0 - 3.6 VDC supply and can operate in a wide range of temperatures from -40 to +85 °C.

With an integrated crystal, the WM-SG-SM-42 offers an accurate clock for the RF transceiver, reduced board footprint, lower cost and reduced system BOM.

The certified LoRa radio module has radio regulatory approvals for operating in the 868(CE) and 915(FCC) MHz range for industrial, scientific and medical (ISM) spectrums for most geographical regions in the world. With LoRaWAN certification, the WM-SG-SM-42 is compatible with standard LoRa Network.

With adjustable power output from +14dBm for European market and +20dBm for the US market, the USI WM-SG-SM-42 LoRa module fits a range of customer needs, such as long range applications or those where the end-device is sited in a poor signal location or indoors.

The MCU includes 64KB flash and 8KB RAM, an embedded LoRaWAN stack and a user friendly, AT-command set (which supports the LoRaWAN protocol and the digital and analog I/O) for customers to integrate the module into their design efficiently. The result is lower software development and Time to Market requirements, directly benefiting the customer.

About LoRa Alliance
LoRa alliance
The LoRa Alliance has been operated since March 2015 and focus on LoRaWAN™ technology which can be applied to IoT and M2M. The current applications can be found in the field of smart city and smart industry.

The Lora alliance has over 190 members already and the industrial coverage includes Telecom operators, equipment manufacturers, system integrators, sensor manufacturers and semiconductors etc. Technology leaders such as IBM, Cisco, HP, Foxconn, Semtech and Sagemcom are its members.

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