Precise devices that you can rely on

ACT crystals

Acal BFi manage a wide-ranging portfolio of frequency-control products that help you get the best results from your system design. Using the latest and most reliable technologies from world-class suppliers, we work with you to find the perfect device for your project.

From high-quality ceramic resonators to high-end ultra-low phase jitter (femtosecond) voltage-controlled, temperature-compensated crystal oscillators, the Acal BFi range of products can be used in most filtering and clocking requirements. Our range also complements the filtering and clocking requirements of Acal BFi’s RF, FPGA, module and microcontroller, and embedded processor devices.

When size, price and performance matter most

The increasing need for wireless connectivity in a wide range of applications has driven a demand for high-quality, low-aging, tight-specification clocking devices. Ultra-miniature packaging and critical price and performance ratios must meet target costs for your project. We stock products that meet detailed design specifications, and a range of antennas adds to our capability.

We understand that you are building systems for a range of environments, including:

  • mast-top radio
  • PMR
  • Tetra
  • base stations
  • GPS and tracking, and
  • high-frequency applications.

We will learn about your project, and then suggest the best options from our comprehensive range to give you the performance you need at a cost you can afford. Through our wholly-owned brand, Advanced Crystal Technology, we also offer a full-custom option to tailor products to your precise requirements.


  • MHz and kHz quartz crystals
  • MHz and kHz clock oscillators (SAW and quartz based)
  • Compensated and controlled quartz oscillators (VC/TCXO, VCXO and OCXO)
  • Ceramic and SAW resonators
  • Ceramic, SAW and crystal filters
  • Antennas
  • Optical quartz
  • VCO
  • PLL

Custom shapes and sizes, limited only by the engineer’s imagination

Micrometals and Acal BFi. Micrometals are one of the world leaders in the production of high quality, low-cost iron-powder cores - offering an unrivalled customisation service.

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Finding the solution to challenging high-frequency requirements with established materials

Discover how your magnetic component designs and applications can benefit from carbonyl iron powder - Using a tried-and-tested material from a different sector.

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We put the power in your industrial application

Our portfolio covers every possible power supply scenario. From creating your own bespoke power supply with SynQor bricks, to flexible, user-configurable modular products from Excelsys, internal open-frame designs from SL Power to cost-effective, plug-and-play external supplies from Cincon, we put the power in your industrial application.

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