Best-in-class laser optical components

Laser opticsWherever your design is positioned on the balance between lowest cost and highest performance, Acal BFi’s photonics expertise and our range of laser optical components, will help you meet your key technical and commercial objectives.

Best-in-class laser optics

With one of the most experienced teams in the industry, we can help you streamline your design process with a product portfolio which ranges from standard laser optical components to best-in-class devices offering damage thresholds of up to >40J/cm², as well as unique bonding technologies and the lowest absorption coatings on the market. Acal BFi’s range of laser optical components defines the state-of-the-art of laser design.

Fast delivery at every stage

Acal BFi can also help you balance the technical objectives of your design against the commercial realities of lead time and cost. We deliver at every stage of the design process, from single prototypes to fully customised, low-volume sub-assemblies or components for high-volume production.

Our pan-European organisation and strong relationships with blue-chip manufacturers enable us to help you drive down the cost of your design by ensuring timely delivery of critical components.

Qioptiq’s world-class laser technology is now available with Acal BFi’s specialist technical integration and design expertise

Acal BFi, the European leader in advanced technology solutions with over 30 years’ experience in photonics and lasers, has partnered with Qioptiq to increase application support and enable more sectors to benefit from Qioptiq’s leading laser technology across Europe.

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Acal BFi signs exclusive pan-European agreement with onboard video and image processing system specialist, SightLine Applications

Acal BFi has entered into an exclusive distribution agreement to provide advanced video processing products from SightLine Applications across Europe.

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Wireless footswitches from Herga Technology bring improved safety and convenience to the medical sector

Medical footswitch and hand control specialist, Herga Technology, have added Bluetooth Low Energy technology to their range of single- and multi-pedal switches, providing the medical sector with a new, convenient and safe wireless solution.

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