PoE Ethernet Adapter

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Manufacturer Skynet


Description :

SNP-POE series is an adapter designed to provide power for Power-over-Ethernet (PoE) applications. PoE delivers power to the end device through two unused pairs within the standard Ethernet cable. In order to prevent damage the maximum rated current is 350mA. These adapters include over current protection, wich trips in around 450mA, preventing damage. At no load condition, this series meets green power regulation.

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  • 4.2W-16.8W Class II
  • POE Adapter
  • Green Power
  • ITE Safety
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Input Type AC  
Vout Nominal (V) 24  
Output Current (A) 0.35  
Max Power (W) 8.4  
Vin range (V) 90 to 264  
Dimensions (mm) 54 x 110 x 33