Goniophotometer, for Light Sources up to 200mm

Manufacturer's part number :

LightSpion Extender

Manufacturer Viso Systems

Viso Systems

Description :

The LightSpion Extender allows you to measure light sources up to 220mm in diameter using your exiting LightSpion measurement system.

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  • High precision belt drive goniometer can handle fixtures of up to 5 kg
  • Power outlet directly on the base of the goniometer allows for easy connection of your lighting fixture
  • The automatic centre adjusting fixture holder makes it fast and easy to mount your fixture

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    How do I calculate UGR values in Light Inspector software?

    At present, the Light Inspector software does not calculate the UGR values itself. In order to figure out the values you can use another open source software, for example LDT Editor. UGR values depend on the placement of an observer. The LDT Editor offers a table with multiple positions for an observer as an overview of how the UGR values change relative to position. Therefore the angular intensity distribution needs to be symmetric for their algorithm to work. If your light source doesn’t have a symmetric distribution, you can make an adjustment in the Light Inspector software (Edit -> Photometric -> Corrections -> Correct Asymmetry). Export your measurement then in an LDT format and open it in the LDT Editor. The table with UGR values is shown under Light Distribution tab. Additionally you can calculate the exact UGR values for a specified observer's placement in Dialux.

    Expert: Cécile Mercusot

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