European leader in advanced technology solutions. A unique combination of design expertise and leading-edge technologies.

Acal BFi – providing leading-edge technologies and customised solutions

Who are Acal BFi?
Acal BFi operate as part of the Custom Distribution division of Acal Plc. Find out more about Acal BFi.

What do we do?
Acal BFi supply advanced electronic products and solutions to industrial manufacturers. With a comprehensive range of products from world-leading suppliers, our in-house expertise enables us to act as your technical partner helping you make the right product choice for your requirements or specific application. Our range of specialist products includes M2M modules and systems, Embedded computing, RF and Frequency control, Power supplies, Sensors, Fibre and cables, Display solutions, as well as an extensive portfolio of Imaging and Photonics products.

What makes us different?
We have a wealth of technological expertise, a consultative approach and the ability to provide customised solutions. We act as our customers’ design partner, working with you on complex design challenges and helping you make informed product decisions which are most suitable for your applications. Our team of technical experts will be able to guide you through the design process, product options and selection, technology integration and manufacturing, including prototyping and production samples. Some of our most popular services include custom fibre cable and connector assemblies, embedded engineering services, customised transformers and accessories, and customised sensor housing and probes.

New products

Check out our range of new products

  • OriginGPS ORG1510 Multi Micro-Hornet

    Multi Micro Hornet, GPS/GNSS module with integrated antenna

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  • PixeLINK Titan series High Speed Cameras

    High speed camera, 15Mpx, USB3.0, Colour, CMOS rolling shutter

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  • Cincon CBM100 AC/DC PowerSupply

    AC/DC Power Supply, 100W, +48V Output Voltage, 2.1A Output Current

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Featured products

Check out our range of featured products

  • Excelsys UX6 UltiMod powerPacs Unique in Flexibility, Unrivalled in Performance, Ultra Cost Competitive

    Configurable AC/DC multi-output power supply, UX6, Excelsys Technologies

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  • Synqor MQBQ-28 DC/DC Bus Converter

    DC/DC Bus Converter, Military-grade, unregulated, 400W, 28VDC Input

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  • SynQor AcuQor 800

    AC/DC power supply with PFC, medical grade, 1100W, single output

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News and events

What's been going on at Acal BFi

  • NA-000586_NI

    New plug ā€˜nā€™ play, all-in-one 100W AC/DC full brick from Cincon

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  • NA-000570_NI

    High density, high efficiency power supplies from Excelsys

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  • NA-000560_NI

    New European distribution agreement with PixeLINK

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