2.4 GHz, 8 core, ARMv8 64-bit Server-on-a-Chip, 40x40 mm

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Manufacturer AppliedMicro


Description :

AppliedMicro's X-Gene™ family model APM883408-NNC24X1T is a unique grounds-up high performance, custom core ARMv8 64-bit server operating at up to 2.4 GHz specifically designed for cloud servers.

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  • AppliedMicro acquired the first architectural licensee for the ARM® v8 64-bit architecture in 2010. AppliedMicro helped to complete the ARMv8 64-bit spec and wrote more than 20,000 instruction set verification tests. These tests will be used to certify and test ARMv8 64-bit cores from all manufacturers.
  • X-Gene features the semiconductor industry's first Server-on-a-Chip solution, combining 10/40g mixed signal I/O with top-of-class, ARMv8 64-bit cores developed by Applied Micro cores running at up to 2.4 Ghz, with an enterprise-class memory subsystem.
  • X-Gene combines full SR-IOV semantics with packet networking functionality on a single die for rack scale and sled scale networking.
  • X-Gene platforms and hardware have been used over the past 2 years by leading OS and applications vendors to develop enterprise-grade Open Source software that is expected to ship with leading server OEMs.
  • Hypervisors for ARMv8 64-bit devices are exclusively ported to X-Gene.
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CPU Frequency 2.4 GHz  

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Number of Cores 8  
L2 Cache 1024 KB  
L3 Cache 8 MB  
External Memory Interface 4 x DDR3 SDRAM, SRAM  
Traffic H'ware Accelerator Yes  
Security H'ware Accelerator No  
RAID Hardware Accelerator No  
Temperature (°C) 0 to +70  
PCIe Bus (2x 8L, or 1x8L and 2x 4L, or 4x4L) and 1x 1-Lane Gen 3  
10GbE Port up to 2  
1GbE Port up to 6  
Management Port 1  
SATA Port Up to 6 x SATA III  
USB support 2 x USB 3.0  
Number UARTs Up to 4  
IIC Port 2  
SPI Port 2  
SDIO support 2x SDIO 3.0  
Package 40x40 mm 1450 ball, HFCBGA